Alpaca Blankets: Beauitful Throw Blankets with 100% Alpaca Wool

If you've ever run your hand over an alpaca blanket, you'll understand why people love them so much. Alpacas have been bred in South America for thousands of years, and their wool has historically been used to make luxurious clothes for royalty. Today, alpaca blankets are popular as mittens, scarves, warm sweaters, and throw blankets, even for those of us who aren't royalty! The fibre of alpaca wool is lighter than sheep's wool, giving it its distinctive soft texture - it doesn't have the same prickly quality that sheep's wool sometimes does. It's also warmer, has no lanolin, and is water-repellent, so if you have an alpaca blanket that you love and you happen to spill something on it, you have a chance to rush and clean it before it soaks in!

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The Best Alpaca Blankets

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What Is Alpaca Wool?

Although it may be easy to confuse alpaca wool with merino wool, they are actually not the same - merino refers to a type of sheep, so merino wool is always sheep's wool. While it's soft, it doesn't have all of the same characteristics as alpaca wool does - it's less itchy, and less prone to shrink during the wash. Some consumer products are labelled “alpaca merino wool” - but since they're two separate types of wool, any fabric labelled in this way will likely be a blend of the two.

Alpaca blankets also come in many different styles. They're a classic souvenir from Peru where they originate, so the more classic alpaca blanket prints have a Peruvian or South American feel and colours, usually geometric patterns with bright dyes. However, alpaca blankets also come in a wide variety of other, more modern styles as well, and since natural colors are becoming more popular. You may see alpaca blankets that are brown, black, and white - much like sheep, alpaca's natural coats can be any of these three colors, although over the years far more white alpacas have been bred, since their fur is easier to dye.

Because of its fine texture, alpaca hair is usually woven into very fine threads which are then woven together to make a blanket. In some styles you may see the weave itself, but in other styles of blanket, the weave will be completely hidden. It's also possible to felt alpaca wool without weaving it into threads first, so some blankets are made using this process instead - so instead of the threads getting a dye treatment before weaving, the blanket is dyed once it's felted. This gives the fabric a flatter, more uniform appearance. The versatility of the material means that when you're shopping for an alpaca blanket, you'll see some that look more knitted, whereas some look machine woven, and some look furry - but they're all the same type of material if it ways alpaca wool!

Alpaca Throws For Your Home

It's easy to see why they're so popular - alpaca blankets or throws are a great home accessory because they're beautiful, but also practical. Alpaca wool has an amazing range of uses and styles because of its fine texture, but is also stronger than regular wool! Because alpaca wool is so warm and durable, an alpaca blanket is an item that will likely be a staple in your home. Although they come with a higher price tag than other types of blanket, they'll last for a long time as long as you take good care of them.

An alpaca blanket is the type of thing that can be a heirloom, like a very nice quilt or other home accessories sometimes are, since they tend to last for such a long time. They're great as a winter blanket or an extra layer for the end of your bed, especially if the temperature changes at night or you sleep next to someone who needs an extra blanket at night. If you drape an alpaca blanket over that chair in the corner that no one sits in, it will be instantly more inviting! They're also excellent as a throw for couches, especially in a place you like to read or watch movies - curling up under a soft alpaca blanket is a great way to end any day. Since there are so many colours and styles to choose from, an alpaca blanket has the potential to be a great statement piece in a room that needs a pop of colour or an elegant accent.

Properties Of Alpaca Fur

Since alpaca blankets tend not to absorb smells as easily as other fabrics and wick away moisture, they don't need to be washed as often as other throws might. Still, you will eventually need to wash your blanket - and when you do, just hand wash it using a very mild shampoo. Some people even suggest using baby shampoo, or a mild soap. You'll need to lay it flat to dry, since alpaca wool (like other wool) does tend to set in the shape it dries in - to make this easier, it's best to get another flat piece of fabric or another blanket to soak up the moisture when you lay it out to dry. It's unlikely that you'll need to wash it a lot though - just make sure you're careful when you do!

Since alpaca wool is so lightweight yet so warm, it's also an ideal material for hikers and backpackers. It's a great type of blanket to bring camping if your sleeping bag isn't quite warm enough, or even just to put in the car for long car trips with kids who might nod off. Since alpaca wool is more flame-resistant than other materials, it's the ideal type of blanket to bring if you're curling up in front of a fire, since the sparks are less likely to ignite as they would be on a cotton blanket. They also make excellent gifts, since they're something everyone can use and love, and are a great addition to any home. If you want to give a special gift to someone you care about - or yourself - think about getting them the luxury of an alpaca blanket!

100% Alpaca Wool Blanket

One of the most popular types of blanket to get is a 100% Alpaca Wool Blanket. These types of blankets are not mixed with synthetic materials such as polyester but instead are made up of 100% alpaca fibres. The fur comes with farms which breed Alpacas and sheer them for their wool, and then weave them into massive woven threads that are then used to make items such as blankets, hats and other snuggly goodness.

Top Alpaca Wool Blankets

Check out these Alpaca Wool Blankets that we think you'll love. Some of these blankets are made of 100% Alpaca Fiberes whilst others use a combination of Alpaca and other materials such as Wool and Synthetic Materials. They come in multiple sizes and colours, so feel free to check their pages for more options.



An Authentic Alpaca Blanket that will keep you feeling cozy and warm throughout winter. This blanket has a Southwest Theme and uses authentic Alpaca Fibers to create a strong and versatile throw. It has natural thermal insulation due to the alpaca fur having tiny pockets of air woven int it's fabric.


  • 50% Alpaca Fur, 35% Wool and 15% Synthetic Fiber
  • Multiple Designs and Patterns
  • Machine Wash in Cold Water
Luxurious Alpaca Bed Blanket, Naturally Thermal, King, Cal King, Queen/Double/Full

Luxurious Alpaca Bed Blanket, Naturally Thermal, King, Cal King, Queen/Double/Full

If you've ever wanted to make sure your bed also takes advantage of the natural thermal properties of Alpaca fibers, then this Alpaca Bed Blanket might just what you're after. It comes in four sizes for different beds: King, Twin, Queen and California King. It's made up of 60% Alpaca Fibers and 40% Acrylic, with also a license from the International Alpaca Association to guarantee quality.


  • 60% Alpaca, 40% Acrylic
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Licensed By International Alpaca Association
Maloca | Baby Alpaca Lightweight Throw Blanket | 100% Baby Alpaca Wool

Maloca | Baby Alpaca Lightweight Throw Blanket | 100% Baby Alpaca Wool

This beautifully soft Alpaca Blanket is made from 100% Baby Alpaca fur. This guarantee means the blanket is soft and has a luxury feel unlike most other blankets on the market. The company behind this blanket also pledge that all their alpaca fur is sourced ethically from Peru, so you're also buying a product which has been given quality assurances.


  • 100% Baby Alpaca Fur
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking
Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

This thick blanket is made from 100% Virgin Wool (first time sheer) with 50% Alpaca Fiber and 50% Wool Fiber. Together, it creates a thick, warm and insulating blanket. The edges are stitched together to make sure the blanket doesn't fray and is longer-lasting. It's made in Peru, sourced from the Andes Mountains!


  • 100% Virgin Wool, 50% Alpaca Wool and 50% Wool.
  • From Peru, Andes Mountains
  • Durable and Queen Size
Sweet Dreams Home - Luxurious Anti-allergenic 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket

Sweet Dreams Home - Luxurious Anti-allergenic 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket

This blanket is made from 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca Fibre with a silky soft touch and feel. Since this is 100% Alpaca Fibre fur, it's naturally hypoallergenic, which is great for anyone looking for a blanket who want to avoid materials that can cause allergies. This breathable blanket comes in a large 130CM x 180CM size.


  • 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca Fibre
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Large Size: 130CM x 180CM.

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