Cat Blanket

Cats are ranked as one of the most popular domesticated pets on the planet, so it's no wonder the market for cat blankets has grown considerably in the last decade. Made from super-soft material, getting your cat it's own blanket can make there life as snuggly as yours. It also can help protect furniture, clothing and other random spots your cat likes to find to curl up in.

Cat Blanket

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Nowadays you can find a blanket for anything and a cat is no exception. Blankets can be cheaply produced and they are becoming more and more of house interior decoration with great designs and prints being made available. A cat can sleep up to 18 hours a day, which means it spends most of its time fast asleep, so why not make sure that time is spent with a soft, cozy blanket?

We all love to take care of our pets, so let's take a look at why getting a cat blanket is an important accessory you can get for your beloved pet.

Properties of Cat Blankets

When we talk about a cat blanket, there are some important properties of the blanket you should consider before buying. Every cat is different and you may have a specific problem that you want to resolve.

Material Used In Cat Blanket

The material that your cat blanket is made out of is important. Blankets can be made out of a variety of materials, all with there own strengths and weaknesses. For example, a wool blanket is great at insulating heat and keeping a cat warm and has a great softness to it that let's a cat needle it. Merino Wool however is super luxurious feeling and soft, but can be ruined in a machine wash so they are harder to care for. Take a look at these materials:

  • Wool - Great Insulation, thick and soft
  • Merino Wool - Luxury feel, can shrink in machine wash
  • Polyester Material - Easy to wash, cheap to produce and very cuddly. Can be water resistant too
  • Cotton - great at fur-repellent, can thread easily however
  • Silk - super elegant and luxurious

Material type will also affect cost of the blanket; polyester material is usually the most common and cheapest due to it's cheap production cost and usability. That being said, it you want to pamper your pusscat, you may want a more luxurious material than a synthetic one.

Size Of Blanket

Next you want to consider the size of your cat blanket. Cats are generally small creatures, especially if they're kittens, but obviously this isn't always the case. Check the size of the blanket you're buying, just in case it doesn't quite fit. If the blanket is too big, you can fold it to make it extra soft and comfortable for your cat to snuggle up on.

Size is also a factor in the cost of the blanket; the larger the size, the more it costs. However, if you have more than one pet, you can use it for multiple pets but cats tend to be independent creatures and won't like to cuddle up to other animals.

Blanket Design

The design of a cat blanket can be important also, especially if you're conscious about home decoration. Cat blankets can have fun and hideous-looking patterns and designs. These may look great for your cat, but consider what they do to your home's interior- does it ruin the aesthetic look? Does it stand out too much? Alternatively, you may want a bright, fun blanket to brighten up your room; they are some of the cheapest ways to do it and you can easily customise with multiple different blankets to find the right one that fits.

Fur Resistant

One way to prevent hair getting all around your house is to have a blanket which attracts furs. This can help prevent fur from clogging up your house carpet or being left on your beautiful furniture. Materials like silk, chintz and velvet are all magnets for collecting fur, so if you can find a blanket with this material you're in for a winner.

Why have a cat blanket?

You may be wondering why do you even need a cat blanket? They're happy enough sleeping on practically anything- even things you never intended for them to sleep on like book shelves, laptop bags or in my case, a guitar bag. However, a cat blanket can also offer lots of benefits to you and your cat. Let's take a look:

Ruining Furniture

Cats are notorious for clawing things. They claw carpets, sofas, baskets and anything which help them stretch or give them satisfaction of digging in deep and pulling. Unfortunately for us, that means our furniture and carpets are damaged. By having a cat blanket however, you can give a specific place for your cat to keep to. A soft, thick blanket can double up as a scratching post, and keep your cat away from your furniture if it does decide it needs to sharpen its claws.

Keep Fur In One Place

If you have a fluffy cat, you'll often find clumps of fur all around your house. Not to mention having cat hair everywhere is really bad for allergies; a simple solution to this is to make a dedicated area for your cat to sleep in. A cat blanket can hold your cat's malting fur for ages and you can simply brush it off outside when it gets too full.

Keeps Cats Stress Free

If you have a busy household with either other children or animals, a cat can feel stressed about where it's going to sleep. A good way to help a cat feel at home is to have it's own specific blanket that it can sleep on. If you put the blanket on a high or elevated level, this can also make the cat feel less stressed. If you ever need to take your cat to another home, the blanket can be a sign of familiarity and make the cat settle much faster than if they didn't have one.

The Best Cat Blankets

Take a look at some of these amazing cat blankets that will help make your cat feel warm and snug at home. They come in different sizes, designs and materials so check out the product descriptions for more details.

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Pendleton Yakima Camp Wool Blanket, Queen

Pendleton Yakima Camp Wool Blanket, Queen

There's no hiding that Pendleton do some of the most luxurious blankets on the market. This one is no exception with it's cool Yakima design and is perfect for going camping or hiking in cold climates. To clean it you should Dry Clean it to make sure it doesn't lose its quality or durability.


  • 86% Wool/14%cotton
  • 90x90 Inches
  • Dry Clean
Allisandro Super Soft and Fluffy Dog Cat Puppy Blanket,Total 4 Sizes for Small Medium Large Pet

Allisandro Super Soft and Fluffy Dog Cat Puppy Blanket,Total 4 Sizes for Small Medium Large Pet

This cute, adorable blanket is perfect for your pets. They come in four different sizes, so there is sure to be a size that can accomodate your pet. The blanket's cute paw print pattern is stiched all over the fleece flannel blanket, making it perfect for your dog or cat to cozy up on.


  • Flannel Fleece Material
  • Multiple Sizes and Colors
  • Machine Washable
Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket/Bed Cover for Dogs and Cats, 6 Pack of 24x28 Inches

Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket/Bed Cover for Dogs and Cats, 6 Pack of 24x28 Inches

This pack of 6 blankets are ideal for making your pet's life more comfortable. They are great for stuffing into pet baskets, laying on cold surfaces or nests. They measure in at 24x28 inches, made with double-sided fleece, which isn't too heavy and ideal for carrying around.


  • Contains 6 Double Sided Fleece Blankets
  • Multiple pack sizes
  • Machine Washable
PetFusion Premium Large Dog Blanket (53x41)

PetFusion Premium Large Dog Blanket (53x41)

This premium blanket is ideal for large animals, such as dogs. It's made from 100% polyester Micro Plush material, making it super soft and cozy for large sized dogs. The blanket is double sided and can be machine washed for easy caring. It comes in two colors and is ideal for protecting beds, sofas and other large pieces of furniture.


  • Large Size: 53x41 inches
  • 100% polyester Micro Plush
  • Double-Sided
  • Machine Washable
Sweet Home Collection 100% Fine Cotton Luxurious Basket Weave Blanket

Sweet Home Collection 100% Fine Cotton Luxurious Basket Weave Blanket

A simple basket-weave style blanket that is made from 100% cotton. It's material helps provides warmth and breathability while maintaining ultimate softness. It can be machine washed for easy care and comes in two large sizes: King and Full/Queen


  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Two Sizes: King/Queen
100% Cotton Throw Blanket - Ultra Premium Natural Soft Hypoallergenic

100% Cotton Throw Blanket - Ultra Premium Natural Soft Hypoallergenic

The patterns and softness of this 100% Cotton blanket are elegant and luxurious, making a perfect decoration in your home for your sofa or bed. It's softness and premium quality cotton will make it a dream to snuggle up in too. It is machine washable, which will allow you to easily care and maintain the blanket. It comes in multiple colors and patterns.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple colors and patterns

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