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Most Comfortable Blanket

most comfortable blanket

What Makes the Most Comfortable Blanket?

One of the top things that can instantly flash through our minds when we talk about warmth and comfort are blankets. And, it's no wonder. Blankets can take away the cold during chilly nights and keep us warm and cozy while we snooze in bed. More than just a piece of fabric, a blanket gives us our much-needed warmness and comfort to help us get the best sleep for the night.

The History of Blankets

Today's blankets are widely made out of different fabric materials and have come to serve a variety of purposes. But the earliest blankets were made from wool material and were first developed by a Flemish weaver, Thomas Blanquette in the year 1340.

Different Ways You Can Use a Blanket - Hint They're Not Just Meant for Your Bedroom

More than providing you with warmth and comfort a blanket can serve for many purposes you may haven't given a thought about yet. Below are some alternative ways you can make use of a blanket:

Decorate Your Home Instantly with a Blanket

Add a dose of extra coziness and loads of personality to your home design by using blankets. You can add blankets to decorate and put some layering on your sofa, beds, chairs, couches, stools, baskets and benches.

Choose blankets that coordinate well with the color palette of the room you're decorating. Blankets are functional and can easily create a statement and finishing touches to a room. They can work magic in improving the looks of your home.

Camping and Outdoor Companion

Heading outdoors? Don't forget to take a blanket with you so you can stay cozy anywhere. A blanket will provide you warmth and comfort, perfect when you're stargazing or relaxing in your tent after a long day of trekking and adventure with nature.

Car Comfort

Throw blankets can make long rides a more pleasant experience. You can use the blanket as a shawl or just drape it around you to keep you warm when it gets too chilly in the car.

Your Most Comfortable Travel Buddy

Traveling is fun. But long trips can easily become stressful and uncomfortable. A good blanket can come in handy during a freezing long-haul and provide you homey comfort while you are, well, away from home.

Wrap It Up

A gift wrapper that becomes another gift! Use a blanket to wrap a gift and make your special present even more spectacular. While conventional wrappers end up in trash, your receiver will be delighted to use the blanket wrapper that comes with your gift.

Holiday décor

Dress up your Christmas tree with a warm and welcoming vibe using a blanket as a Christmas tree skirt.

The Best Materials for the Perfectly Comfortable Blanket

Today's blankets come in a wide range of fabric materials. For blanket buyers, often deciding which fabric to choose is where things become complicated.

That said, there are different things to consider when choosing the best fabric for the most comfortable blanket such as the climate, room temperature, individual preferences, and other factors such as health concerns and allergies. The following are some of the common blanket fabrics you can choose from:


Cotton fabrics are naturally breathable and absorbent. As they can be washed using hot water and with their ability to hold up well to repeated washing     they are ideal for individuals suffering from allergies. They also come in varying weight and texture making them a year-round bedding essential.


Down blankets excel in providing warmth but are very lightweight making them downright comfortable to use.


If you are keen for a blanket that can offer you the perfect warmth, then the naturally warm and cozy fleece blanket can be the most comfortable blanket for you.


Linen is a hypoallergenic fabric that also does a great job in adjusting to the body's temperature so you can use them be it during hot summer or cold winter nights.


Silk blankets offer luxury and exceptionally smooth feel on the skin. They're known for their softness, breathability and warmth making them suitable for year-round use.


Acrylic, nylon and polyester are synthetic fibers which are popular for their ultra warmness and softness, and not to mention their affordability, although they often attract static electricity and have the tendency to hold on to dusts, hair and loose threads.


Typically warm and heavy wool blankets are excellent in providing insulation perfect for the cold winter nights.

Top Things to Consider When Choosing for the Most Comfortable Blanket

There's no perfect blanket that works for everyone as everyone will have their own preferences and definition of what a comfortable blanket is. However, we all can agree that the best blankets are those that not only make you feel cozy and provide you warmth but also keep you from sweating while at the same time look good on top of a sheet on your bed for many years.

Choosing a blanket is more than just picking the size and color that suits you. And, if you are looking for the most comfortable blanket to help you settle through the night, here is some of the things worth to consider:

The most comfortable blanket is one that settles naturally around the curves of the body, providing a lovely drape and smooth and comfortable as it gets contact to the skin.

Superb blankets are those that offer better temperature regulation - never gets too warm or too hot, but just about right.

A good blanket must be breathable and made of quality materials that can last you long.

When choosing the right blanket for your bed go for ones that offer the best fit for your bed, large enough to cover your mattress and with extra inches to tuck in around the bed's sides and bottom. Typical blanket sizes are as follows:

  • Twin - 66" x 90"
  • Double - 80" x 90"
  • Queen - 90" x 90" to 100"
  • King - 108" x 90" to 100"

For those with allergies, the best blankets are those that are made of organic materials, can hold extremely well to washes and ones that don't tend to easily attract dusts and other allergens.

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Check Out These Most Comfortable Blankets

Chelabo Soft Blanket Merino Wool Throw Australian 100% Natural Merino Wool Blanket

Chelabo Soft Blanket Merino Wool Throw Australian 100% Natural Merino Wool Blanket

The merino wool used in this blanket is 100% sourced from Australia. It comes in a gift box, so it's perfectly prepared to give to someone on a special occasion. The Blankets natural insulating properties will make you feel warm even on the coldest of winters.


  • 100% Merino Wool
  • 3 Colors
  • 55x79 inches
Woolino Toddler Merino Wool Blanket

Woolino Toddler Merino Wool Blanket

If you've ever wanted your baby or toddler to enjoy the feeling of Merino wool, you now can with this blanket from Woolino. Made from 100% Merino Wool, it comes in 2 colors which are perfect for your newborn to wrap themselves up and get comfy. It's silky soft against the baby's skin and is machine washable.


  • 100% Merino Wool
  • 2 Colors
  • Machine Washable
Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Farmhouse Collection Wool Blanket

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Farmhouse Collection Wool Blanket

Woolly Mammoth has also produced blankets for it's Farmhouse Collection which we also think deserve a spot on this list. Made from the same quality 80% virgin Merino Wool, this blanket is great companion for outdoor activities. It is a blanket that weighs around 4lbs and is full of loft and softness giving it a very cozy feeling.


  • 80% Virgin Merino Wool
  • Milled Finish (denser blanket)
  • Dry Clean only
Irish Throw Blanket Royal Stewart Lambswool Made in Ireland

Irish Throw Blanket Royal Stewart Lambswool Made in Ireland

This plaid blanket comes in the traditional Royal Stewart tartan pattern, which is also the royal pattern for Queen Elizabeth II. Made from 100% lambswool, this blanket is perfect for snuggling and is extra soft too! This wool throw blanket can also be used for house decor as it's finishing is professionally made.


  • 100% Lambswool
  • Official tartan of Queen Elizabeth II
Pendleton Motor Robe Throw, Pittock

Pendleton Motor Robe Throw, Pittock

Made in the USA, this 100% Virgin Wool blanket is very soft and perfect for a picnic, stadium or keeping warm around the house. It's size is 60x50 inches and comes in a variety of styles and different colors.


  • 100% Virgin Wool
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Large Size: 60x50 inches
Engel Organic Virgin Wool Fleece Blanket-Natural-One-Size

Engel Organic Virgin Wool Fleece Blanket-Natural-One-Size

This 100% Organic Virgin Merino Wool blanket is super soft and is perfect for your baby's soft skin. They are luxurious soft and are great for wrapping up your baby, using it for tummy time or even changing. It's made in Germany and measures in at 80x100 CM.


  • 100% Organic Virgin Merino Wool
  • 80x100 CM
Arcturus Heavy Military Wool Blanket

Arcturus Heavy Military Wool Blanket

This blanket from Arcturus is a heavy and warm blanket weighing at over 4 lbs. 80% Wool, this blanket retains heat even when wet, making it perfect for an emergency blanket. This blanket has a great design and is perfect for on the go or ever at home.


  • 80% Wool
  • Hemmed Edges
  • Machine Washable
Kelty Bestie Blanket, Chevron/Deep Teal

Kelty Bestie Blanket, Chevron/Deep Teal

This blanket by Kelty is perfect for lounging around the campsite, perhaps in front of a smouldering campfire or relaxing with a good book before your next hike begins. This blanket is insulated with Cloudloft, which makes it perfect for keeping you nice and cozy on your trips. It also includes a Stuff Sack for easy transportation, which is perfect for long camping trips.


  • 75D Polyester Taffeta/190T Poly Pungee
  • Multiple Colors available
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 75.5 x 42.5 x 1 inches

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