Old Fashioned Bed Blankets

If you want something that adds a bit more of an authentic style to your home, old fashioned bed blankets can be one way to achieve this. The styles of these ancient relics can make a home feel very boudoir, add a touch of class or simply make a room feel elegant.

old fashioned bed blankets

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Best Types of Materials used for old fashioned bed blankets

The warmth and comfort that blankets provide plays an important role for helping us relax and sleep, which is the precious chain that links wellness and our bodies together. This is especially true during the olden times, when people still don't have electricity, air conditioners and heaters that can control temperature or will keep them warm especially during the cold winter nights. People rely on old fashioned bed blankets to fight the cold and get a cozy restful sleep. Thus, the ordinary blankets that we casually see and take for granted today actually played a significant role in the well- being and relief of our ancestors.

Traditional Materials used for bed blankets

The qualities of warmth and comfort provided by the old fashioned bed blankets were primarily derived from the type of materials used in making them. The materials used make all the difference. Here are the traditional materials used for making the old fashioned bed blankets:

Sheep's Wool

The fleece of sheep and lambs is believed to be one of the pioneering materials used in making old fashion bed blankets.  According to a flamboyant Victorian writer, Joseph Leech, the specific fabric called Blanket fabric is a laboriously napped woolen interlace forged by Thomas Blanquette, a Flemish weaver who lived in Bristol, England. What makes a sheep's wool an ideal material for blanket is its breathable characteristic, which makes it adaptable and versatile to temperature changes.

It can provide you sufficient warmth at chilly night and cold temperatures by trapping your body heat and insulating you from the outside cold. Wool blankets are great for camping also, as the thick material can act as a cushion against rough surfaces. It also has also property of drawing moisture and perspiration away from the body to create cozy dry warmth. Moreover, wool is inherently fire resilient, which makes them relatively safe to use around a chimney corner or any similar fire prone places.


Cotton is another material commonly used in blankets. In fact, it has become the ideal substitute because it is a natural thread that's supple, cozy, and breathable. Its swish and mild to the touch texture even becomes smoother every wash. Unlike wool which tends to be hefty and thick, it also provides the additional comfort of being light. But like wool, it naturally breathes can also ward off moisture away from the skin for warm dry feeling for summer. Cotton is also a hypoallergenic material, which makes them ideal blankets for people with sensitive skin and infants. And most of all, cotton is a lot cheaper to produce than wool which made it the ideal material of choice for mass production of blankets.


An alternative to sheep's wool is goat's wool. Cashmere is also a conventional material used for making blankets especially in places or countries where goats abound. What makes cashmere blankets it even better is it can provide warmth by ten-fold compared to a sheep's wool in spite of its fluffier weight. These qualities make cashmere blankets more portable and ideal for travel and outside use. Moreover, the fairer cashmere fibers also needed a smaller amount of dye for coloring which allows it maintain its natural cushy sumptuous texture and non-allergenic qualities that have an instinctive tending for a baby's sensitive skin.

It is odor resistant and has an innate capacity to prevent bacteria that could otherwise cause unpleasant smell. However, because it is relatively low production makes it more expensive than sheep's wool and cotton.


Linen is a fiber made out of the linseed or flax plant, which have been cultivated in many cold regions in the globe. While the fabric is used as material for old fashion bed blankets, it was also making clothes by the ancient Egyptians. As a fabric for blankets, it is a great temperature regulator as it can wick away moisture and does not ensnare heat, which is perfect for summer and warmer conditions. Thus, it can help you attain cooler body temperatures better than cotton. On the other hand, Linen can conduct heat better than other wool, which makes it also great for getting warm. This quality makes linen the best fabric for bed blankets. However, its thinner fibers compared to cotton and wool makes it wrinkle quite quickly.  Nevertheless, it remains gentle on sensitive skin as its organic fibers help nourish it.

Alpaca wool

Old fashion bed blankets especially from South America and the Peruvian regions used Alpaca wool as main fabric material. The wool comes from the fleece of long-haired alpacas, an animal related to the llama that is native to the Andes Mountains.  Alpaca wool provides better warming properties because of its lighter qualities. Accordingly, it is even smoother than cashmere. What makes this fabric unique however is it is resistant to flame, water, wind, and stain? When covering yourself with an alpaca blanket, you won't feel the wind. If you're using it outdoors like in a camping holiday, it can also protect you from drizzles because it takes time for water to penetrate the mantle. You don't have to worry from staining your blanket when you are eating because it is also stain resistant. And you have less to worry of sleeping beside the fire place because it is flame resistant. Moreover, alpaca blankets are made to last a lifetime because this fiber is stretch resistant hence maintains its original shape for a very long time.  This is also why handing over old fashion bed blankets a common family heirloom tradition in rural places in South America.


Flannel is a velvety knitted fabric initially made from carded fur or beaten thread. It has been used by farmers since the 1600s to safeguard them from austere environments. It has been used as a material for old fashion bed blankets. Today, flannel can be made through a combination of wool, cotton, or synthetic thread. Because of this, it comes in different qualities and types such as baby, canton, Ceylon flannel and Vegetable flannels. Because of its lightweight sheet and variety of designs, flannel blankets are usually used as an additional bedding décor as well as supplementary insulating layer from keeping your warm especially during the colder winters.

The Best Old Fashioned Bed Blankets

Take a look at some of these amazing old fashioned bed blankets that might help you upgrade the elegance of your bedroom's style.

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Tache Tartan Plaid Blue Brown Super Soft Winter

Tache Tartan Plaid Blue Brown Super Soft Winter

This fluffy and cuddly blanket is perfect for beds, sofas and chairs to help spruce up a rooms decorative style. It's beautiful tartan pattern and neutral colors are very elegant and comes in a generous size too, at 90x90 inches.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Multiple Sizes
  • 2 different colors/designs
Sweet Home Collection 100% Fine Cotton Luxurious Basket Weave Blanket

Sweet Home Collection 100% Fine Cotton Luxurious Basket Weave Blanket

A simple basket-weave style blanket that is made from 100% cotton. It's material helps provides warmth and breathability while maintaining ultimate softness. It can be machine washed for easy care and comes in two large sizes: King and Full/Queen


  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Two Sizes: King/Queen
ALPHA HOME Soft Throw Blanket Warm & Cozy Couch Sofa Bed Beach Travel - 50

ALPHA HOME Soft Throw Blanket Warm & Cozy Couch Sofa Bed Beach Travel - 50" x 60", Ivory

Perfect for casting over your sofa, this blanket is made of 100% super soft Acrylic which ensures an excellent warmth. It comes in multiple colors to suit any type of style or look you're going for. It's easy to care for with machine washable material and has a simple and neat fringe for an elegant design.


  • 100% Acrylic
  • Multiple Colors
  • Machine Washable
C&F Home 100% Cotton Woven Throw Blanket Plaid Pattern in Shades

C&F Home 100% Cotton Woven Throw Blanket Plaid Pattern in Shades

This 100% Cotton blanket comes in a great vibrant multi-color variation. It's plaid patterns of stylish pink, orange and green make it perfect to add a splash of color to any room. It's machine washable so you can keep it extra clean after use and it measures 50x60 inches, giving a generous size.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Large Size: 50x60 inches
Pendleton Motor Robe Throw, Pittock

Pendleton Motor Robe Throw, Pittock

Made in the USA, this 100% Virgin Wool blanket is very soft and perfect for a picnic, stadium or keeping warm around the house. It's size is 60x50 inches and comes in a variety of styles and different colors.


  • 100% Virgin Wool
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Large Size: 60x50 inches
Prince of Scots Highland Tartan Tweed 100% Pure New Wool Throw

Prince of Scots Highland Tartan Tweed 100% Pure New Wool Throw

100% Wool Plaid Blankets are perfect for keeping you warm in cold evenings or winter months. This Prince of Scots Tartan blanket will do just that; wool is a great insulator of heat and it comes in multiple colors to match any interior. This heavy durable wool will be long-lasting and can be used the home, beach or even a picnic.


  • 100% Wool
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Imported From England

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