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The Pocket Blanket is the perfect travel-essential that you need to add to your life. A Pocket Blanket is one of the latest trends to hit the market, with it's incredible small size catching people's attention and providing a useful tool for all sorts of occaisions.

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Three of the most conspicuous trends in our modern world today are that everything is getting smaller, portable and multifunctional. A 1 gigabyte hard drive that used to be as a big as one entire room is now as small as a tiny chip. With the advent of the laptop where we keep our documents, write our messages, contact our clients and conduct our business, we are now practically carrying our office wherever we go. The telephone which was exclusively used to call people from long distance is now used as a camera for taking both still and moving images, radio/ music player, TV/ video player, watch/ time keeper, a game console and for doing research via the internet, among many others.

In line with these new trends, a new innovative product is now available in the market, which was similarly designed with size, portability and multi-functionality in the mind; the pocket blanket. This ground-breaking invention has redesigned the age old blanket traditionally used by people as warm covering overlay, wrapping garment, bedspread or mantle to be more suitable to the itinerant modern generation and our fast phased society.

What is a Pocket blanket?

The pocket blanket is a full functional blanket that can be folded efficiently to the size of a pocket. Hence, it can be kept, stored and carried literally in your pocket. In as much as your pocket size phone allows you to connect to the world with your fingertips, the pocket blanket is like carrying your bed wherever you go. It is a full sized single mat or blanket that can allow you to lie down comfortably anywhere that can be folded extraordinarily into one tiny pouch.

The ancestries behind pocket blankets can arguably be derived from the nomads, wandering travelers and itinerant rovers before. People usually travel from one place to another and temporary settles for a place to stay. And the biggest and perhaps heaviest item that they carry on their backs or on their horses is their blanket. The importance of blankets in travel is indispensable. And the custom of carrying large and bulky fabric for blanket has encumbered mankind for so long. In our modern era, the advent of the pocket blanket will revolutionize that age old practice. People can now carry their blankets in their pockets and be more agile and mobile than ever.

Features of Pocket Blanket


The Pocket blanket has a compact and light weight design for unrivalled portability. In spite of its teeny weeny size, the pocket blanket can unfold to become a full size single size mat with a dimension of at least 160 cm X 110 cm. The size is perfect to accommodate one person to lie down or at least two people to relax or at most four people to sit on.  The size of the mat makes it look magically impossible to fold the mattress into a pocket sized pouch or about the size of your wallet. The pouch to hold the blanket is integrated in the cloth so you need not worry of losing it. Once folded, the storage pouch would weigh approximately 100 grams which can even be lighter than the average weight of your phone or wallet. That is very remarkable indeed. The light weight and small size of the pocket blanket allows you to easily carry it in your backpack or your pocket without much hassle. When outspread, the pouch turns once again into one full size blanket to sit you, your friends and even leaving enough space for your snacks and beverages.

You also don't have to worry on how to correctly fold the blanket back to its original pleat. It's strategically stitched to provide you a guideline and pattern to refold the blanket back to a pouch.

Durability and Strength

The Pocket blanket is made of a special material called hyper light nylon which is used to produce lightweight and compact garments. In spite of its lightness, it resistant to punctures and ruptures. Initially, you might think that the pocket blanket is made of plastic, which can be feeble and can be stretch damaged. However, this material actually very resilient and strong to an extent that you can use this blanket for years. As such, you can unfurl the blanket on rock-strewn surfaces without worrying about the blanket getting impaired by stones or sharp materials punching holes in it. Spreading it in other surfaces is worry free because it is also resistant to damages from petrol and other chemicals.

Moreover, the pocket blanket does not shrink and is resilient to stretches. This is an important property of the material so that it retains its pleat to fit into a pouch. In folding the blanket back to its pocket size, simply make sure that it is free from dirt and debris which could otherwise get in the way for it to be folded in its compact size.


The pocket blanket is also a great waterproof outdoor blanket. It keeps you clean and dry when used for sitting on humid areas like in a meadow or sward. On the other hand, its satin fabric coating ensures that the blanket will not attach to your skin.

Washability and fast Drying

The pocket blanket is designed for outdoor use. Hence, it is expected that this blanket will get dirty and even muddy. But you don't have to worry about that because it's made of materials that are easy to wash. You can hand wash it and clean it without much effort on brushing the first away. Or for easier cleaning, you can simply opt to put it in your washing machine. The next amazing thing about it is it is fast drying. With its low moisture absorbency, it can be hanged in an ideal place and it easily dries off and becomes ready for your next use. This even makes it more ideal for travelling because we are often constrained by time in cleaning our blankets. Unlike washable wool blankets, you don't have to worry about the material getting damaged in machine washes.

Style and Design

While functionality is more important, being fashionable and cool is integral in our choice of products. Being practical should not preclude you from being chic. The pocket blanket comes in a variety of colors and designs to choose from. It can be pre-colored or dyed using different shades and combination of colors and patterns. Hence, it comes in different designs to suit your style and preference.

The Best Pocket Blankets

Check out these amazing pocket blankets that will be perfect for taking on the go, travelling abroad and camping!

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 New Version

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 New Version

The Matador Pocket Blanket is the staple product of portable blankets. This is a blanket which fits in your hand and expands into a massive 63x44 inch blanket. It comes in two colors and is perfect for outdoor use with it's light material. It is easy to pack away and great for traveling with limited storage options.


  • Fits In Your Hand!
  • 63x44 Inches
  • 2 Colors
Oceas Outdoor Pocket Blanket - Portable and Foldable

Oceas Outdoor Pocket Blanket - Portable and Foldable

This pocket blanket by Oceas is great for Outdoor use. It is 100% waterproof, great for damp ground picnics or spillages. It comes in a decent sized pouch, making it easier to fold away and travel with. The material is made out of polyester that prevents ripping on tough terrain and makes it very durable.


  • Waterproof, rip resistant
  • 60 x 55 Inches
  • 3 Colors
Live Infinitely Sand Free Compact Outdoor Beach Blanket

Live Infinitely Sand Free Compact Outdoor Beach Blanket

This handy portable blanket is great for taking to the beach, with sand being brushed right off for an gratifying beach day. This blanket is also heat and water resistance, to make topping up your tan an enjoyable experience. It comes in a decent sized travel pouch, making it perfect for on the go travelers.


  • Waterproof, heat resistant
  • 60 x 55 Inches
  • 6 different colors and sizes
Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

This Matador Pocket Blanket is slightly smaller than the 2.0 version above, but it comes in a decent 44x28 inches, which is big enough for at least 2 people. It comes in it's simple pocket-sized pouch, making it ultra-compact. It is water and rip resistant for tough terrains and wet days.


  • Waterproof, rip resistant
  • 44 x 28 Inches
  • Made from Ripstop nylon and Polyester
BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

BEARZ have produced this great outdoor blanket that comes in a cool pouch bag with clip-on tag, useful if you've got a backpack. This blanket is waterproof, puncture resistant and acts as a great barrier between you and the sand.


  • Waterproof, puncture resistant
  • 55 x 60 Inches
  • 6 colors
Outdoor Beach Blanket/Compact Pocket Blanket

Outdoor Beach Blanket/Compact Pocket Blanket

This Outdoor Beach Blanket made from Nylon is great for going to Beach. The Cozy comes in a Pocket Size bag, which makes it perfect for traveling with and portability. It comes in several different colors and comes with several stakes to help keep it in place.


  • Made from Nylon
  • Multiple Colors
  • Pocket Storage Bag

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