Saltillo Blanket: A Beautiful Mexican Themed Blanket

One of the most vibrant blankets that you can get your hands on is the Saltillo Blanket. This Mexican-style blanket is beautifully crafted and can make any dull room feel suddenly alive with color and energy.

Saltillo Blanket

Whilst originating with latin Americans, its popularity amongst westerners has increased over the years, with many different Saltillo blankets now on the market at really good prices. If you want locally source Saltillo blankets, check the manufacturer's label details to see where they are created from.  

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What is a Saltillo blanket?

A Saltillo blanket, or Saltillo Serape, is a distinctive Mexican blanket that originated in the 18th-19th century after Mexico declared its independence from Spain. The Saltillo Blanket has gone on to last the last four hundred years and is now a staple product for those hunting for a new blanket.

The Saltillo Blanket is defined by its vibrant colors that are weaved into different patterns. Some of the most common ones are horizontal and vertical lines, with the colors fading into one another to give a beautiful cascading effect. Blues, Reds, Blacks and greens are very prominent colors in Saltillo Blankets.  

Probably the most defining characteristic of a Saltillo Blanket is it's diamond-shaped motif. The diamond is placed in the centre of the blanket and has its own unique design encompassed within it to make it contrast with the rest of the blanket.  

Saltillo refers to a village in the Mexico State Coahhulia where many of these blankets are produced. Nowadays, mass-production has enabled them to be sold almost anywhere, with many now being created around the world. If you want an authentic Saltillo blanket, you'll want to check out collector sites, as many of these can be quite rare.

Saltillo Serape or Saltillo Blanket?

One aspect that you might be confused with is the phrase Saltillo Serape. The fact is that these blankets were originally designed to be worn as shawls or capes by Mexicans on horseback. The name Saltillo Blanket is often termed for those who wish to now buy them and use them as blankets, but they were originally used as "serapes".  

Whilst used as a shawl or cape, they were also used for saddle blankets, so the fact that they have developed into being used as blankets isn't so far-fetched either. Their softness and bright colors were seeked by Mexican riders and were often used as a symbol of status, much how clothes we wear nowadays are often used to judge people's wealth status.

Materials Made of Saltillo Blanket

A Saltillo blanket is often made from acrylic material these days, as it's one of the easiest and cheapest materials to use. It's a synthetic material that is manufactured into hair like wool, then spun into yarn to be produced into goods like blankets. Since it's very cheap to manufacture, it helps keep the cost of items like Saltillo blankets down, meaning you can buy multiple blankets instead of just one! Yay!

Originally Saltillo Blankets were created using cotton and wool materials. Back in the 18th-19th century, there wasn't any synthetic materials to use, so they relied upon the natural fibres of the world. You'll find that many authentic Saltillo Blankets are made with wool or cotton, and can often be quite the collector's item if it's well preserved. Wool is a natural insulator of heat, so if you want a blanket that keeps you warm, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for a wool Saltillo Blanket. The price for natural-made Saltillo Blankets may be a lot higher than the Acrylic made ones, but you will be getting something that's more natural.

If you're wondering whether an acrylic made Saltillo Blanket would feel worse than a natural one, the fact is you'll hardly feel the difference. The synthetic fibres of acrylic have been used because they are almost an exact replica of natural resources in terms of feel and in some cases, the durability of acrylic material is longer-lasting due to the fact it can be machine washed.  

Whether producing acrylic is good for the environment, that's a whole other story and something we won't get into here!

Great uses for Saltillo Blankets

What are some great ways in which you can use your Saltillo Blanket? Since these blankets usually come in vibrant colors of reds, greens and yellows, they make for perfect decoration pieces to help brighten up dull rooms. They are especially great for living rooms as when you're watching T.V. and want to curl up on the sofa, having a blanket can keep you nice and toasty during the colder months.

They are also great for keeping furniture clean from pets. Pets like to sit on furniture, and having a nice blanket can help prevent them from damaging the piece of furniture, especially with things like odor and muck that animals can bring in. The fact that most Saltillo Blankets are made from Acrylic means that they can be easily put in the wash for cleaning.

And why not use a Saltillo Blanket for what is was originally made for? They look great as shawls that you can wrap around yourself as you go about your travels. You can even take them to stadiums to keep you warm, or use them for picnics to help show off your Mexican flare.

The Best Saltillo Blankets

Here are some great Mexican Saltillo Blankets that you can get your hands on. Perfect for impressing friends and family, giving off as a gift or keeping your warm as a stadium blanket. Remember to check out for things like size and whether the blanket is machine washable. Machine washable blankets tend to need to be washed on certain settings, so read the fine print!

A lot of Saltillo Blankets are imported, so chances are the blanket you buy won't have been made in Mexico or the materials might have come from elsewhere, like China (since they produce them so cheaply due to cheap labor).

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El Paso Designs Mexican Serape Blankets Bright & Colorful Saltillo Serape Blanket

El Paso Designs Mexican Serape Blankets Bright & Colorful Saltillo Serape Blanket

This Mexican blanket from El Paso Designs allows you to select the size and color to suit your needs. The blankets are hypoallergenic and stain resistant, and can be machine washed for easy care. The blanket is made out of tightly woven acrylic and expands 84 x 64 inches.


  • Acrylic Material
  • Large size: 84 x 64 inches
  • Multiple colors/designs
El Paso Designs Beautiful Mazatlan and San Miguel Blanket

El Paso Designs Beautiful Mazatlan and San Miguel Blanket

This beautiful Mazatlan and San Miguel Blanket is made from acrylic material and is very heavy. Inspired by mid 19th century tribal weaving patterns combined with Spanish Missionary designs. It has been woven on a traditional hand loom from thick acrylic spun yarn.


  • Acrylic Material
  • 5 ft x 7 ft
  • 2 designs
Open Road Goods Mint/Teal Heavyweight Diamond Mexican Navajo

Open Road Goods Mint/Teal Heavyweight Diamond Mexican Navajo

This blanket is made from Acrylic-Cotton-Polyester blend, which makes it much more durable. It can also be machine washed for longer lasting use. It's a handmade item and can be used for the beach, yoga or as a throw for your sofa.


  • Acrylic-Cotton-Polyester blend
  • 78 x 54 inches
  • Machine Washable
El Paso Designs Diamond Hacienda Blanket

El Paso Designs Diamond Hacienda Blanket

This Saltillo Blanket is made using Heavy Hand-Woven Acrylic, giving it a very warm and cozy feeling. Perfect for Mexican-themed parties or adding a flavor of Mexico to a room. Measures 5 ft. x 7 ft and is hypoallergenic and stain resistant.


  • Hand-Woven Acrylic
  • Hypoallergenic and stain resistant
  • 5 ft. x 7 ft
Large Authentic Mexican Saltillo Sarape Blanket

Large Authentic Mexican Saltillo Sarape Blanket

This large authentic Mexican Saltillo Blanket is an Amazon Choice recommended blanket; made in Mexico this blanket measures 7'/5'. Comes with really bright colors making it perfect for themed parties or using as a blanket to snuggly up in.


  • Amazon Choice
  • Polyester & Polyester Blend
  • Measures 7/5'

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