Serasoft Blanket - What is Serasoft?

Serasoft Blankets are some of the cosiest and plump plush blankets on the market. Created by Berkshire Blanket, these blankets have captured people's attention due to the softness of the Serasoft fabrics, a sort of buttery velvet like material.

Serasoft Blankets

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What Is the material in Serasoft Blankets?

Serasoft Blankets are made of 100% Polyester material. Serasoft is the brand name given by Berkshire Blanket to describe their super-soft plush blend of fibres that they use in their Serasoft Blanket. They do a range of different blankets, giant sofa throws and even screen cleaners for things like mobile phones and tablets.

Polyester is a synthetic material which is very durable and cheap to produce. Many clothing items now use polyester materials due to the ease of use in obtaining the material as opposed to natural materials like wool.

Polyester is also very easy to clean; it can be put in the washing machine without the fibres getting damaged or destroyed after multiple washes. This is due to the strong properties of polyester (essentially a type of plastic)- so fear not! If you spill anything on your Serasoft Blanket, you can easily clean it by chucking it into your washing machine.

Always read the label of the product before doing-so, just in case there are specific instructions needed to get the best wash possible. Some fabrics are very delicate and will require a slow, cold wash in order to preserve the structural integrity of the fibres.

It also recommends not using heat when drying these products. So things like tumble drying and ironing should not be done to avoid ruining the material and keeping the blanket lasting longer.

What's so good about Serasoft Blankets?

The Serasoft Blankets range is made to feel exquisitely soft and give you a plump plush feel against your skin. Berkshine Blankets did lengthy research and development into the Serasoft material to make it as soft as possible and the results speak for themselves.

The material is used not just for blankets either. There are a range of cushions, bed sheets, throws, comforters and they have even made soft baby blankets, which is perfect for the luxurious Serasoft material.

Whats the difference between Serasoft and Serasoft Plus?

Serasoft Plus is the next generation version of the Serasoft material. The Serasoft Plus version includes a more refined technique to make the fibres softer and the overall material thicker, which is great for those cold winter nights.

The Serasoft Plus also has a unique finishing to it than the original, which makes them feel even smoother.

Other Types Of Blankets By Berkshire Blankets

Berkshire Blankets have not only developed the Serasoft material, but they have also created many other different types of materials that you can choose from. Let's take a look at their different ranges and how they compare:


As the name suggests, the Extra-Fluffy blankets are extra-fluffy! They are bestsellers and come in many different colors and designs. Their thickness will make you feel nice and warm during the colder months and they also make great throws for your sofa.


This material is designed to feel as smooth as velvet. The products using this material also have a distinctive shine to them to give them that luxurious and chic look that'll make your home stand out if using them as decoration.

They also surprisingly wash well in the machine; simply use a cold wash and a decent detergent to clean and then a low or no heat tumble dry afterwards.


Microfiber has been around since the 1970s and this synthetic material makes for a lightweight blanket due to it's super small fibres (thinner than human hair!). The lightweight material makes it breathable so you won't get too hot whilst cozying up with this blanket and it makes for a great stadium blanket due to its portability.

Berkshire Blankets offer a range of different products, including blankets and throws which use this material.


Microfleece is another synthetic material that is usually used in apparel clothing items, such as the inline of a jacket or coat. It's used for it's cozy and soft feel, adding a touch of plush to an otherwise nylon clothing item.

However, Berkshire Blankets have their own range of micro fleece blankets. The blankets have been made to last, with resistance to pilling of the material, breathability and the fact it helps wick away moisture for year-round comfort.


Berkshire Blankets have teamed up with Polartec to bring their fabrics to their store. They now sell blankets, throws, sheet sets and comforters. The breathability of this material allows you to keep feeling cozy without getting in a sweat because you're too hot or feeling really cold. It's a long-lasting material that can be washed over and over again.


This material is described as a new 'standout plush with a delicate shine'. It has a natural young fur feel to it, not too dissimilar to that of a young puppy. It's easy to care for with a washing machine and the softness of this blanket is retained all year. They make for great bedsheets or an extra throw on the sofa for when the night get's a little chilly.

The Best Serasoft Blankets

We have taken a look at some of the Serasoft Blankets offered by Berkshire Blankets and have come up with these options. They are super-soft in every way imaginable and you won't be disappointed with their quality. Some of these blankets use the newer, thicker Serasoft Plus, so check out the options below to find the perfect blanket for you!

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Serasoft Polyester Blanket Size: King, Color: Tea

Serasoft Polyester Blanket Size: King, Color: Tea

Made with the unique Serasoft material, this 100% polyester blanket will keep you feeling snug all year round. Its massive 108 x 90 Inch, King Size is enough to cover most sofas and perfect for cuddling up with your loved one.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Large size: 108 x 90 Inch
  • Machine Washable
Serasoft Throw, Black

Serasoft Throw, Black

This 100% Polyester blanket has a thick snug feel to it. It's 60x70 inch size means you can wrap yourself up in it and it's easy to care for by being machine washable.


  • 100% Shearloft Polyester
  • 60/70 Inch
  • Machine Washable
Berkshire Serasoft Blanket Sturbridge Plaid, Mocha (Queen)

Berkshire Serasoft Blanket Sturbridge Plaid, Mocha (Queen)

If you love plaid designs, this beautiful blanket by Berkshire Blankets is one you should consider. Made from its Serasoft material, this blanket looks great as an extra cover for beds and as a sofa throw. You can machine wash it and keep it nice and fresh for many years.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 90W x 90L Inch
  • Machine Washable
Berkshire Serasoft Plus Plush Polyester Blanket, White King

Berkshire Serasoft Plus Plush Polyester Blanket, White King

This super soft blanket is made in a pure white Serasoft material that's 100% Polyester. It can be machine washed for easy care and its large King size means it can cover most beds and sofas.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 108 x 96 Inch
  • Machine Washable
Traditional Serasoft Throw, Cuban Sand

Traditional Serasoft Throw, Cuban Sand

This drapable blanket is perfect for sofas and armchairs. It's decent size of 50x70 inches will allow you to wrap yourself up on those cold winter nights and keep nice and warm. The blanket is made from 100% polyester and can be machine washed.


  • 100% Polyester
  • 50x70 Inch
  • Machine Washable

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