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Waterproof Outdoor Blanket: Keeping Dry For All Occaisions

Whether you're camping and need additional warmth and protection or a family picnic where you'll need a good sheet to lie down on, a good waterproof outdoor blanket is all you'll need. Heading outdoors? Outdoor blankets can come in handy and offer you surprising benefits that you will never leave without one on your next outdoor adventure.

waterproof outdoor blanket

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  1. Staying Comfortable While Outdoors
  2. Waterproof Outdoor Blanket Uses and Applications
  3. Common Outdoor Blanket Materials
  4. What to Consider When Choosing A Waterproof Outdoor Blanket
  5. The Best Waterproof Outdoor Blankets

Staying Comfortable While Outdoors

The best waterproof outdoor blanket can provide you extra warmth and comfort whether in your tent or anywhere outdoors while you enjoy the refreshing and invigorating company of nature with your family and friends.

Waterproof Outdoor Blanket Uses and Applications

For the most part, blankets serve as cover and protection. But a waterproof outdoor blanket can offer you more and make your outdoor experience more fun.     

  • Staying Warm and Cozy While Outdoors
  • A good waterproof outdoor blanket can be your most comfortable buddy that can provide you warmth and coziness while you are out for a camping or when you need to spend a night on a trail.
  • For a Dry and Clean Picnic
  • Family picnics are great and fun outdoor bonding for families. An outdoor blanket can come in handy when you need a sheet where you can spread out your eating utensils and foods. With an outdoor blanket you can always carry it along with you to keep you dry when you need to lie down on wet grass or when you need a clean sheet where you can eat and enjoy your picnic foods.
  • Take it to the Beach!
  • An outdoor blanket can also be used when you want to bask under the sun at the beach on holidays and summer.
  • Outdoor blanket for your baby
  • If you need a clean sheet where your baby can lie down, you'll never go wrong with an outdoor blanket.
  • A Handy Outdoor Pillow
  • Outdoor blankets can double as your pillow on the go inside your tent. Or you can use it as an extra padding on your sleeping mat to help you sleep better.
  • Provide Sun Shade or Wind Screen
  • An outdoor blanket can work well when you need instant shade from the sun wherever you need it. You can also use it to block the wind while you are cooking during your camping trip.

Common Outdoor Blanket Materials

Outdoor blankets can come in various types of materials. The key to achieving the right level of comfort and finding a functional outdoor blanket lies in the materials the blanket is made of.


A synthetic fiber, acrylic offers impressive performance when it comes to keeping you dry outdoors. It does great in wicking away moisture and is mildew and stain resistant.


Cottons are popular for their breathability and comfortable feel. They are luxurious to the skin and great in regulating temperature. Their main downside is that they tend to take long enough to dry out once wet.


Nylon fabric material makes for a perfect waterproof outdoor blanket. Nylon is waterproof, durable and highly-resilient. It can also be machine washed for easy clean up.


Polyester is a type of synthetic fabric. It does an excellent job in providing warmth and softness to the skin and at the same time is a lightweight fabric material.


Blankets made from wool offer the best warmth and insulation, plus it's naturally fire resistant. Additionally, they have the capability to wick away moisture to keep you dry and warm.


Fleece provides ultra warmth and coziness with its ability to trap air between its fibers. And, compared to wool they dry out quickly and are much lighter.

What to Consider When Choosing A Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

A good outdoor blanket offers a number of benefits and is essential to lounging in comfort. That said, choosing the right one is not only a must, it can also be a life-saving decision. Here are the qualities you should look for when purchasing an outdoor blanket:

The Right Materials for Your Intended Use

Do you need a blanket to provide you warmth during your camping trip? Do you need one you can use at the beach or during outdoor family picnics? When choosing one of the first things you should ask yourself is how you anticipate or intend to use the blanket. This will help you determine the appropriate material to select for the blanket's intended purpose.


Outdoor blankets are generally designed for rugged uses and are prone to snags, scratches and tears. That said, it's important to choose outdoor blankets that are durable and long-lasting - ones that you can make many memorable outdoor experiences with.

Lightweight and Portable

Packing lightly is a must for every outdoor events and adventure. The best outdoor blankets are lightweight, take only a little space in your baggage and can be packed easily for hassle-free portability.


Go for a blanket that offer generous size to keep you comfortable while camping or spending time outdoors.

Machine Washable

At the end of the day, you'll go home with a dirty blanket so, it's important to choose a blanket that is machine washable for easy cleaning.


When going outdoors you should always be prepared for both predictable and unpredictable moments. A blanket that offers waterproofing is one of the best qualities to look for in an outdoor blanket. A waterproof outdoor blanket is perfect for wet grass or when you find yourself caught up under the rain.

Functionality while Maintaining Style

Aside from choosing for a blanket that is practically functional, purchasing a blanket that suits your taste when it comes to color and style won't hurt.

Other Factors

If you have allergies to certain materials, it's vital to choose an outdoor blanket made from materials that won't trigger your allergies. Consider blankets that don't tend to easily attract dusts and other allergens as well as those that can be washed and easily dry out for easy cleaning.

The Best Waterproof Outdoor Blankets

Here we go! A list of some great waterproof outdoor blankets that you can find available online today. Remember, if you've got any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and we'll check them out!

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MONARCHS Roll-N-Go Large Outdoor Waterproof Picnic Blanket

MONARCHS Roll-N-Go Large Outdoor Waterproof Picnic Blanket

This highly portable waterproof blanket comes wrapped up in a great shoulder strap that makes it perfect for travelling to and from places. It measures in a decent large size of 78x58 inches, so it's great for going to the beach, picnics or just sitting on damp grass. It's machine washable so it's easy to clean and maintainable.


  • Shoulder Strap
  • Machine Washable
  • Measures at 78x58 inches
Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Warm Fleece

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Warm Fleece

This high-quality 100% waterproof blanket is designed with the highest quality materials, making it perfect for resisting those rainy days and dampening your spirit! It has a plush fleece inside and a polyester backing that prevents rain and dampness. It comes with a portable bag so it makes packing it away and travelling a breeze!


  • Portable Bag
  • Fleece Insulation and Polyester Backing
  • 3 Colors
Premium Large Waterproof, Windproof, Quilted Fleece Stadium Blanket, Machine Washable, Camping, Picnic & Outdoor, Beach, Dog, 82 x 55 inches (red/grey)

Premium Large Waterproof, Windproof, Quilted Fleece Stadium Blanket, Machine Washable, Camping, Picnic & Outdoor, Beach, Dog, 82 x 55 inches (red/grey)

This portable blanket will make you never fear the rain or windy weather again! It has a polyester backing and gray 250 gsm anti-pill polar fleece that will keep you comfy and cozy even in the coldest of conditions. It comes with its own bag to store it in and is machine washable. It also comes with a secret zip pocket for storage.


  • Wind and Rain Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Comes with stuff bag
XL Plush Fleece Outdoor Stadium Rainproof and Windproof Picnic Blanket - Camp Blanket

XL Plush Fleece Outdoor Stadium Rainproof and Windproof Picnic Blanket - Camp Blanket

This XL blanket is great for use inside venues as it protects you from "wind, rain, spilled soda, or any other unexpected element you may encounter while out exploring". It comes with a stuff sack so that you can easily take this blanket on the go with you, making it extremely portable. It's generous size of 72 inches x 58inches makes it perfect for adults and children a like.


  • Protects against Rain and other Spillages
  • Machine Washable
  • Large Size: 72x58 inches
  • Two Colors
Mambe 100% Waterproof Silky Soft Throw for Dogs

Mambe 100% Waterproof Silky Soft Throw for Dogs

This is the blanket your dogs and cats never knew they needed! It's 100% waterproof and silky soft, making it perfect for your pet to curl up in on a cold and wet night. It's ideal for covering up furniture you don't want damaged or left with stains/fur on and it comes in multiple sizes so it will fit even the largest of beasts.


  • Silky Fleece
  • Machine Washable
  • Multiple Sizes

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