Welcome to TheBlanketNook - Blog about Blankets!

Hello one and all! This is the first post on our new site TheBlanketNook and it's all very overwhelming! This blog is going to be focused on - yep, you guessed it- blankets!!! We'll be reviewing the best blankets for all occasions, giving you top ten lists, comparisons for price and a whole lot more.

It's going to take us a while to get started, as I have a lot to do in terms of updating the site's branding. Over the coming weeks I'll be working on the layout and site logo, as well as updating the various categories and site areas. We'll be branching out to various social media platforms and trying to get your opinions of all things blankets too.

Hopefully we'll have some blanket related goodness soon to post, in the mean time- wrap up and prepare yourself for TheBlanketNook!

EDIT: We've now setup our Official Twitter and Tumblr handles! You can follow us on Twitter using: @BlanketNookWeb and on Tumblr: https://theblanketnook.tumblr.com/

TheBlanketNook Twitter

We'll be using these social media pages to post updates about our blog, so if you want to keep it touch, send us a Tweet!

EDIT 2: We have now enabled HTTPS! That means all communications on this server are secure for everyone browsing it.

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Welcome to TheBlanketNook - Blog about Blankets!


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